Autumn-winter trend


Hats , caps and berets return to fashion in addition to protect ourselves from the cold.

Has been the choice of many designers to include this plugin in their runway collections.

The wide-brimmed hat

Style retro years 60 – 70, made of wool felt, rigid texture and aspera or felt hair suabe and high quality (Hare, Beaver, etc.

The short-brimmed hat

As the cloche style 1920s, wool felt and felt's hair of different types.

Hats and fascinators for ceremony

Hats and caps with finishes in felts, velvets and furs (Fox, mink, Otter,Astrakhan, Napa, suede and prints, etc.)

The short wing borsalino Hat

Unisex, made of felt, cloth and plain or printed colors corduroy, as; houndstooth and picture Prince of Wales


Wool cashmere and wool of different type, textures and colors with metallic finishes.

Caps and berets

Felt and wool tricotadas with mix of textures and colors, Some models have a tassel or visor.

Pamela personalizada Olga fotografía Didier Borgeaud


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